School Day

Here you will find how the Academy day is structured with times of lessons and breaks.

Bubble Arrival/departure School Gate Drop Off Point
School door (for teachers & pupils)
EYFS Nursery 8:30 – 11.30 & 12.15 – 3.30 Sure Start Linfield Ave Sure Start entrance
Nursery next to Sure Start
EYFS Reception 9.00 – 3.10 Main Entrance Linfield Ave EYFS Yard – YR door
Reception classroom doors
KS1 Y1 8:45 – 3.20 Main Entrance Linfield Ave KS1 yard KS1 Yard door
KS1 Y2 8.45 – 3.20 Rothay Place Dining hall
Dining room doors
LKS2 Y3 8:55 – 3.30 Rothay Place KS2 Yard – MUGGA Library doors
LKS2 Y4 8.55 – 3.30 KS2 yard Roundhill Ave KS2 Yard KS2 back doors
UKS2 Y5 8.45 – 3.20 KS2 field Carwarding Pl KS2 field
Y5 classroom doors
UKS2 Y6 8.45 – 3.20 KS2 field Carwarding Pl KS2 field
Y6 classroom doors

Friday: EYFS Nursery 2.15, Reception 2.00, KS1 2.05,  Y3 & 4 2.10, Y5 & 6 2.15

If you are collecting more than one child, please prioritise the earliest time and the youngest child.


Term Dates

Pupils spend 190 days (38 weeks) in school each year. 5 extra days are reserved for training teachers and support staff. You can view or download the calendars below.