School Day

Here you will find how the Academy day is structured with times of lessons and breaks.


Bubble Arrival – doors open Departure Drop Off Point
EYFS Nursery 8.30 a.m. &
12.15 p.m.
11.30 a.m. &
3.30 p.m.
Sure Start entrance
Nursery next to Sure Start
EYFS Reception 8.50 a.m. 3.20 p.m. EYFS Yard – YR door
Reception classroom doors
KS1 Y1 8:40 a.m. 3.30 p.m. KS1 Yard Door KS1 Yard door
KS1 Y2 8.40 a.m. 3.30 p.m. KS1 Yard Door
Dining room doors
LKS2 Y3 8:40 a.m. 3.30 p.m. KS2 Yard Doors KS2 yard (MUGGA)
LKS2 Y4 8.40 a.m. 3.30 p.m. KS2 Yard Doors KS2 back doors
UKS2 Y5 8.40 a.m. 3.30 p.m. Y5 classroom doors
Y5 classroom doors
UKS2 Y6 8.40 a.m. 3.30 p.m. Y6 classrooms doors
Y6 classroom doors

Friday: EYFS Nursery 2.15, Reception to Year 6 2.10pm

If you are collecting more than one child, please prioritise the earliest time and the youngest child.


Term Dates

Pupils spend 190 days (38 weeks) in school each year. 5 extra days are reserved for training teachers and support staff. You can view or download the calendars below.